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CRDH & Lead Hygiene Coordinator

Thais Nita

Experience & Activities

Thais, an integral part of our dental team, brings a magnetic personality and a deep commitment to patient care to the dental office each day. With a strong professional relationship alongside Dr. Couch since 2015, she tirelessly strives to bring brighter, healthier smiles to our patients. Thais’ journey in dentistry began in Brazil, where she developed her passion for the field while mastering Spanish and English. She pursued her dental hygiene education in Tallahassee and further expanded her skills by earning an anesthesia degree from the University of Florida, enabling her to offer an even higher-level of comprehensive care to patients. Thais is a loving wife and mother to an energetic 8-year-old daughter. When she’s not in the office, you can often find her at the beach and enjoying quality time with her family. Thais’s dedication and warm personality make her an invaluable part of our
dental care team.