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Suzy Fenton

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Suzy, a dedicated and experienced dental hygienist, has been providing exceptional care for nearly 40 years. Her genuine passion lies in connecting with patients, some of whom she has been treating for all 16+ years alongside Dr. Couch. Suzy’s commitment to oral health extends beyond her profession; she loves educating others about oral hygiene to ensure they maintain beautiful smiles throughout their lives. She earned her education at the University of Kansas and Wichita State University before relocating to Tallahassee with her husband, Kevin, in 2000. They’ve explored the world together, from Europe to Africa and Asia, but Suzy’s diverse interests also include fitness, reading, gardening, and attending FSU music concerts. With her extensive experience and continuous pursuit of the latest dental innovations, Suzy is highly sought after as one of Tallahassee’s top hygienists.